Investor Updates

2/24/24 UPDATES

Cheers to our Start Engine subscribers!
We received inquiries from subscribers acknowledging receipt of our email with the quarterly performance  updates. We also received new information that Start Engine’s (SE) solicitation emails frequently overwhelm our quarterly investor updates – for that we apologize. We have our own gripes with SE including the early termination of our raise on their platform.

Since we did not accomplish our goal with SE, we have enlisted another platform, Honeycomb Credit. While known for repayment raises, they also offer equity raises. We want to alert everyone to this development and ask that you share it with others who may be interested in investing in Hidden Sands Brewing Company.

Additionally, we are elated about the State’s new legislation that relaxes the 2019 restrictions on breweries. On 2/24, we had the first food truck back on the property since 2019. And while we have always offered complimentary flat and sparkling water, we now offer craft soft drinks from our newly installed dispensing system. This provides our customers with alternative options, as the Gen Z generation is drinking 20% less alcohol than previous generations. Non-alcoholic drink sales have doubled since the year 2020.

Each weekend moving forward, we intend to host a food truck for our customers.

Distribution continues to expand, with the addition of our sales woman Ardis Riely. We intend to add an additional seller, Robert Doggett, in the next few weeks. Robert’s market will include Long Beach Island north to Sandy Hook, covering Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties. Our hope is to increase our limited draft beer presence in that area to complement our existing packaged goods sales.

This current raise will assist us in the increase in production required to expand our reach to other parts of the State.

Please view the video and follow this link to learn more about the new raise on Honeycomb Credit. 

Cheers, Matt and Tony