Construction Update – January 2017

By Webmaster | Construction Updates

Jan 01

Happy New Year! This is the first of several regular updates on the construction progress of Hidden Sands Brewing Company.

For the past 18 months we have been working towards getting our own sewer connection for the brewery. Since then we have received our Federal Brewer’s License, and have made substantial progress with our state application with the New Jersey Alcohol Beverage Control Board. We have also all had birthdays, watched other breweries open, been completely stressed at times, and gave up on a target opening date. Our brewing equipment arrived last May in time to be put on display at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, but without the sewer connection permit we were unable to receive our construction permit. Completely frustrating when all you want to do is brew some beer!

We were at the end of our rope trying to get engineers to approve a method to attach to this sewer line, which seemed far more complicated than it needed to be. It took additional drawings from the civil engineer’s office to see this through. Finally on Wednesday the 21st of December the approval was sent out, drawings placed into the proper hands and the wheels finally began to turn.

This past December 28th on a cold Wednesday evening, a group converged on our address at 6754 Washington Avenue that included The Egg Harbor Township Police Department, the Atlantic County Roads Department, and the Township Utilities Authority. These gentlemen were there to tear into Washington Avenue in order to access the 24″ sewer main. The Police shut down traffic in one direction at about 7:30 pm. They had the road pavement removed by 9:30 pm, and carefully excavated through the earth to locate the sewer line, which just so happens to carry the waste of 1/3 of Egg Harbor Township.

Once found, along with the NJ American Water Company’s water main, there was a short-lived celebration before work continued to place a hole in the line in order to attach it to our building. We’ll spare you the crappy details, but by 12:30 am a truck was sent out for asphalt to patch the hole.

They cleaned up the roadway, prepared the opening for patching and had Washington Avenue reopened at 3:35 am. A very impressive and efficient effort by all involved!

They returned on the 30th returned installed the sewer main and two water mains between the curb and the building. They worked all day and we are scheduled for an inspection on Tuesday.

If all goes well, all trenches will be back filled and areas disturbed will be temporarily restored. Once spring arrives permanent repairs to the parking lot will be completed.

While this isn’t exactly the most exciting update, it’s important work that sets more fun stuff in motion. The floor removal begins on Tuesday…more to come next month!