Construction Update – February 2017

By Webmaster | Construction Updates

Feb 01

After a second half of 2016 that saw us at times deflated and at others elated, 2017 has started off with a bang! Aided by a relatively mild winger earlier this month, our sign went up along Washington Avenue, prompting plenty of “when are you guys going to be open?” questions from folks nearby.

We also removed all the old equipment and unused beams from what’s to become our brewhouse and had the original concrete floors ripped out, followed by reinforced cinder block walls going up in their place on top of newly dug and poured foundation footings. At this point we can see our dream taking shape!

By far the most exciting development, however, was the drilling of our first well. After we reached the aquifer, the well was developed with air pressure, electrical service was installed, and the well was started up giving light to the first Hidden Sands water ever on January 30, 2017!

More to come on our water and what makes it so special for brewing…stay tuned!