Construction Update – April 2017

By Webmaster | Construction Updates

Apr 17

April saw a great deal of progress on our construction…so much so that we anticipate a summer 2017 opening and can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Major progress included installing the railing around the elevated that will eventually become the brewer’s loft: home to an overlook of the brewing floor, specialty grain storage, and a few other things. The floor was graded, reinforced with rebar, and prepared for concrete, which will be going in soon. Our electrical contractor ran a few more wires for some additional breakers we will need to power our equipment, and a carpenter came in to frame out the spaces that will eventually be our receiving area, gift shop and brewer’s lab. A window between the shop and the lab will allow visitors to peek in on anything of interest that may be going on.

John also decided that we may be needing a little more fermentation capacity, so we had a few more tanks fabricated and delivered; they now rest under blankets waiting to be installed with the rest of our equipment. More to come in a couple weeks, but it’s definitely time to start getting excited!